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Dear visitors, our website has been updated and we lost our google ranking, but you can still connect to access all our packages and rates

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Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners

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Hey Ladies ! Looking for a new sexy activity to spice up your daily life ? Alone or with some friends, you can join our pole dancing classes for beginners; pole dancing might help you find all the sensuality you’ve been hiding all this time…

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Zalby’s Bachelorette Party – 19th July 2013

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Hi Did,
Thank you again so much for doing a marvelous job on Saturday! A few of us still do not have our voices back from whooping and yelling so much. Here are a few pictures of the party. I still don’t have the ones with you in it, but I will forward that to you as soon as I can, along with testimonials from the girls. I promised to copy them on that e-mail so they can thank you directly. I hope that’s okay. Talk to you soon!🙂
Take care,

Hottest Ladies Secret Loft in Town!

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Good day ladies!

Have you heard the news? There’s is a newly renovated loft, and is a perfect hidden venue for parties, get togethers and other special events! It is located in the heart of Makati City, around Polaris St. – which is just perfect because you are in the middle of everything! This 90 sqm. duplex is decorated to give you crazy and liberated nights in town. Why yes this is of course under, no other than, Manila Secrets!


We truly adore the 15 seater couches and seats for you, also we will provide you such amenities: bar, WiFi, pole, complete sound system and last but not the least – party lights, to set a crazy mood.

On the second floor, it has 2 bedrooms with LED lightings, a bathroom and a huge terrace with a view of the Fort.

Of course, there are guidelines to follow:

1. All guests that will enter the loft must sign before renting the place, and each attendees will receive a mandatory invite on Facebook for confirmation.

2. No smoking inside

3. No drugs, stay cool.

4. No more than 15 persons inside, all names required.

5. There will be a Manila Secrets employee at the loft.

6. You will be charged on any damage and/or loss to any property, equipment, and amenities during the occurrence of the event/party.

7. Manila Secrets will not be liable for any problems, damages and/or loss of your personal belongings that may occur during your events.


Rates are crazy affordable, totally worth the money!

On Friday nights – Php8,000 / 5 hours

On Saturday nights & Holidays – Php10,000 / 5 hours

Other days – Php6,000 / 5 hours

Extra hour – 1,000 pesos / per hour

If you would like to have an add-on, you can avail our French Finger Food, good for 15 persons for only Php4,000!

We highly recommend you to avail this to have the best time of your life!

Check out the loft on video!

Mimi’s bachelorette !

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Mimi's bachelorette !

“Dear Mike, thank you for a wonderful night! Me and my girlfriends really enjoyed🙂 ! Goodluck and see you around🙂 !!” Mimi

“Dear Mike, first time for us to experience such a party!! It was a blast! Til our next event…I will definitely get your services again! Thank you. “ Reah

Jessica’s bachelorette !

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Jessica's bachelorette !

“Thank you Mike for making my bachelorette party fun! You were gooood🙂 Next time! And many more times after that…Merci🙂 !” Jessica

Ina’s bachelorette

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Ina's bachelorette

“Mike, you made me a very very happy bride-to-be! Thank you very much! You are very talented ! Very much worth it! Any bride would be happy and blessed to have you as their pre-wedding gift!” Ina

“thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed the show” Maya G Llamas

“ You are awesome! We had so much fun! You are a true professional. Thank you for a great performance!” Nini

“ We had a great time,I wish I met you 15 years ago for my bachelorette party🙂 !” Carla